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Tuesday Rambling 6.9.15 – Marriage


This Friday will mark God’s blessing us with 16 years of marriage. A few rambling thoughts about marriage.

  • If I had to pick one word that describes how we’ve made it sixteen years, I’d say forgiveness.
  • Do you intentionally compliment your spouse often?
  • A huge part of growing closer in marriage is growing closer to God.
  • The more we grow closer to God, the more selflessness increase in our lives.
  • When we lose our selfishness, we can better see the needs of others.
  • No relationship or marriage grow based on this formula: convincing yourself how right you are about how wrong the other person is.
  • The way through fights, disagreements, shortcomings is forgiveness and focusing on your own growth.
  • Many will say “submission” in the Bible means males have the platform to domineer the relationship.
  • That “submission” accurately means consideration – ongoing consideration of the others’ needs.
  • Breakdown in communication for us? Selfishness, failure due to human factors (tired, lack of understanding, etc.), clouded vision.
  • Thus, sixteen years of forgiveness, trying again, better explaining, working through, giving up our desires first.
  • It’s NOT easy! Marriage takes constant work.
  • Everyone needs forgiveness. Things break down. We’re humans. No marriage is exempt from this.
  • The key: glorify Jesus, forgive, increase your trust in Him above your trust in yourself.

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