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Tuesday Rambling 6.28.16 – The False Dilemma of King Jesus vs. King James


Let the rambling begin:

  • The Cavs’ championship brought excitement to many in NEO.
  • The basic topic: is sports a god, or idol that believers in Jesus choose over the true God?
  • I saw a meme on Facebook asking which King you worshiped last Sunday (the 19th, of course).
  • Is this really a dilemma? Did I worship King James like I worship King Jesus?
  • By investing a couple hours watching a game and going completely bonkers when a team does something no team has done do I really supplant my worship of King Jesus?
  • Do I trust King James for my salvation if I’m excited and glad for what he did, how he played, how he displayed leadership on the basketball floor?
  • Is it possible for believers to be caught up in cultural events without worshiping those involved in those events?
  • Let me run another parallel. I have gone to a lot of concerts in my day. Should I have put all that money in the offering plate instead?
  • As a pastor I am deeply concerned over the souls of those I love. Can sports distract?
  • Yes, sports can distract. The constant noise of sports talk radio, the endless infatuation with speculation of player movement and development can seriously hamper spiritual growth.
  • But idol worship begins in the heart, not at a T.V. or a basketball game.
  • Believers with eyes fixed on Jesus should never hesitate to engage cultural opportunities such as sports, the arts, or other interests.
  • Believers who spend more effort in the pursuit of hobbies should check their heart.
  • I pray God will grab hearts in a way that Facebook memes may fail to do.

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