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Tuesday Rambling 6.14.14 – A Good Quote, New & Fresh, The Spurs

Rambling, on Tuesday:

A Good Quote

  • On our Shine crew yesterday (painting on the porch roof), we crafted the following quote: God does not honor stupidity masquerading as faith.

New and Fresh

  • Does it take something new and fresh for you to be excited?
  • Are you content in faith and relationships with “same old, same old”?
  • Are patterns developed over time enough to satisfy you?
  • If it always takes something new and fresh to excite you, could you be content when there isn’t something new and fresh?
  • There is nothing new under the sun.

The Spurs

  • The Spurs are a model of consistency and teamwork. They aren’t super exciting, but they choked the life out of the Heat by consistency and playing together.
  • When will Tim Duncan be considered among the game’s greatest?
  • I think he has to be mentioned among the greatest individual players in any sport of all time.
  • And, the same should be said for coach Popvich. What a system to keep players fresh and competing at such high levels of consistency over so many years.

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