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Tuesday Rambling 5.6.14 – Older People, Friends, and Selfishness

A few loose thoughts here, otherwise known as Tuesday Rambling.

Older People

  • Do we think older people should naturally have lots of reasons to be positive?
  • They don’t. Naturally, they have more reasons to be negative, or at least discouraged.
  • Physical bodies decline, friends and family die, income declines – wouldn’t you find this difficult?
  • How can you encourage an older person in your life? Think about it – a society that doesn’t value its elderly will weaken significantly.
  • How about this: Spend one hour a month encouraging an elderly person!


  • Friends are invaluable.
  • They help us learn about ourselves.
  • They support us through life’s seasons.
  • They can even shows us where we’re being selfish.
  • Friends sometimes can reveal the limits of human fellowship and thus reveal the need for our fellowship with Christ.


  • Are you able to identify areas of selfishness in your life?
  • For me it is simply time. It’s selfish for me sometimes to want too much time to myself. I need to hove a balance, that’s for sure!
  • Selfishness is also about getting my way. Sounds like junior high a bit, but in the day in and day out of life, I like schedules, preferences, etc. to go my way. Of course that’s not always possible, so I have to fight against selfishness!


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