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Tuesday Rambling 5.31.16 – Gorillas, Parenting, Social Media, and Judgment


What a case. What a distraction. Time to ramble.

  • A dead gorilla overshadowed the memory of dead people, those who lost their lives providing and preserving the freedom we enjoy in the U.S.
  • Just think about the last point for a moment.
  • A question: do you think you know what led to the gorilla’s death?
  • Another question: does a parent bear all the blame?
  • Another question: were you there?
  • Another question: is the gorilla’s life more important than the child’s?
  • Listen, the rate at which information reaches us almost demands an opinion.
  • What if we waited before forming an opinion?
  • I have a child that can get away in a flash. Do you? Does anyone you know?
  • Could an accident have happened?
  • Back to the gorilla vs. the kid. Whose life is more important?
  • The book of Genesis tells us the child’s life is more important. A human is made in God’s image whereas an animal is not.
  • We are losing our basic human priorities if “outrage” ensues when an animal dies in order to protect a human child. This link calls it “pagan” and warns of our moral decline.
  • Did it appear on the video the gorilla was taking care of the child? Even if it appeared that way, is it rational to trust an (unpredictable) animal’s instinct when it has 350 pounds on the kid and happens to be swinging it like a rag doll?
  • The bottom line – think about a situation before rushing to judgment. Put yourself in the shoes of those who made the call.
  • Sometimes, accountability is needed. In this case, an accident required judgment.
  • Some accidental situations simply don’t have someone to blame or charge.


  1. great insight and a little God-given common sense helps.

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