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Tuesday Rambling 5.30.17 – Totally Rambling Questions

Totally rambling questions this Tuesday morning…

  • Is God TRULY my chief desire in all of life?
  • What competes most for my allegiance to Jesus? Is He truly my king?
  • Am I growing in my faith: in knowledge, perseverance, godliness, love, etc. (2 Peter 1)?
  • A big question I have related to ministry: how should we establish clear expectations with people who have legitimate physical needs while making it clear we desire spiritual growth above all?
  • How do you get people to commit who have never really committed to anything…but themselves?
  • At times I wonder what the future will hold. How will my personal obedience and our family’s obedience look five or ten years from now?
  • I’ve always said I am willing to die for Christ. In the situation, whether to glorify God outright or in protection of others’ lives, would I really? Would you?
  • Why am I drawn to certain people and what does that say about me?
  • Specifically, why do certain “famous” people hold my interest and what weaknesses (or strengths) might that reveal?
  • When I say I trust God but struggle at times to understand His plans, how do I evaluate whether that really threatens my trust?

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