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Tuesday Rambling 5.3.16 – Do You Have Morals?


Questions on my mind. Rambling form. Tuesday, of course:

  • If someone steals from you, would that offend you?
  • What if someone cheated in school and got the same grade you did?
  • How about if someone mugged and roughed up someone you’re charged to protect?
  • Do you think some expressions of sexuality are wrong?
  • Is it okay to have a sexual encounter by force?
  • Does gladness fill your heart when a friend lies to you?
  • What if someone, driving impaired, took the life of a loved one?
  • The answer to these questions will indicate (hopefully?!?!) some system you have developed to process right and wrong.
  • Further, you have to answer how you came up with your system.
  • Does your system come from a book, your own reasoning, a respect for the law?
  • If so, where does that come from?
  • Morality ultimately points to God, a being outside of human or earthly spheres, who fills our conscience with natural understanding of justice.
  • If your system of morality isn’t tied directly to God, then frankly, it comes from yourself or another human being. And your system is only as good as your (or anyone else’s) ability to uphold it.
  • What if someone else’s system differs from yours, or competes with yours? How to resolve those disagreements?
  • A beautiful, consistent, guide to changing our heart and living under God’s rule for our lives is found in the Bible.
  • If you have questions, please feel free to email. I’ll be glad to answer. Simply use the contact info on this page.

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