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Tuesday Rambling 5.27.14 – Truly Random Thoughts

Totally random today. Read these how you will. Rambling in the truest sense. Ready? Go!

  • Today was the first time I ran where it really felt hot outside. I’m sure somewhere someone has been complaining about the weather we are having.
  • I think some people put a lot of effort and thought into “how bad it is” to live in a certain place. Really, how helpful is this?
  • I think public school teachers have a very difficult job. On the subject of school, I think there is a LOT of time that’s wasted in the school day.
  • I really love baseball. I love it most because in baseball there are always a million (no, I didn’t count) strategic plans going on all at the same time. It’s a very complex game and I love the fact that there are so many ways teams try to outwit each other.
  • Sunday will be my 14th anniversary of ministry at Goss Memorial Church. After all this time, my burden for this local church and the community of Kenmore still pulse inside with great fervor.
  • I am super excited for a week of prayer coming up in our community next week. God move!
  • One issue I’m struggling with: the culture of youth and children’s sports.
  • Have a great week. Make the most of each day – God has given it to you. Rejoice!

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