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Tuesday Rambling 5.26.15 – Seasons of Life


Ecclesiastes 3 talks about seasons of life. Today’s rambling focuses on that theme.

  • Does change present serious difficulty for you?
  • Ecclesiastes 3 says there is a time for everything. We should have a theology of change.
  • It’s important to pay attention as seasons of life develop, shaping us and giving opportunity for growth.
  • It might be most important to pay attention during seasons we don’t like.
  • Example: grieving doesn’t feel good, but if we’re not careful we can waste the season thinking God doesn’t like us.
  • We may not like war, or plucking up, or the end of our favorite seasons.
  • We must remember we don’t choose the seasons. God controls them and we can respond in healthy ways, seeing His handiwork shaping us through varying seasons.
  • Enjoy the good seasons. The good times shouldn’t just put us on edge wondering when the next bad thing will happen.
  • Laugh, seek, build up, love. Keep silent, speak. These show relationships, discernment, listening, loving.
  • Embrace depth. Know the good, grow in maturity.
  • Identify the seasons. Seek God. Ask Him to show you all He has for the seasons you find yourself in as they come and go.

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