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Tuesday Rambling 5.19.15 – The Beauty of Routine


Tuesday is here. It’s time to ramble. How about a few thoughts on routine?

  • Routine is a great thing.
  • By routine, I write blog posts.
  • I pray and read the Bible.
  • I run and keep my body in shape attempting to peak its performance a couple times each year.
  • I attend church (not just because I’m paid!).
  • By routine as a pastor I keep in contact with the people in our church.
  • Routine helps us establish patterns that build into our health.
  • Maybe a related word is discipline.
  • I could use a bit more routine, such as reading books.
  • Routine is beautiful. The patterns formed allow us to live out our goals and desires.
  • Routine is beautiful. Things we may not accomplish otherwise happen as a result of specific choices.
  • Without routine, laziness can creep in as time wasted goes unnoticed at first.
  • Choices play into routine. What do you hope to accomplish? What can you choose to do today (and then repetitively) that can help you live out the goals you set for yourself?
  • Most specifically, what areas of your desired spiritual growth can benefit from routine?

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