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Tuesday Rambling 5.17.16 – 8 Random Thoughts


True rambling, random thoughts:

  1. I love to worship God, just because.
  2. How much time and energy people waste complaining about the weather baffles me. So it’s chilly in May – remember the beautiful winter?
  3. I really wish people would speed up more when they get on the freeway.
  4. I find it hard to imagine another time in history when 1) things have changed so fast and 2) watching things change has come so easily.
  5. I am finding deeper contentment as weeks and months evaporate. This should not be mistaken for complacency.
  6. A while ago a friend of mind made a distinction between watching sporting events and following sports commentary. Following the commentary (similar to politics, entertainment, etc.) can drain a LOT of time and energy out of our lives.
  7. I dare you to find me someone who gave passionately to God out of true worship and ended their life with a miserable outlook on their finances – or their worship.
  8. The more I learn, the more I feel like don’t know.

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