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Tuesday Rambling 5.13.14 – A Question for the Culture, Mother’s Day

Two quick topics today. Limited rambling, but rambling nonetheless.

A Question for the Culture

  • If I could ask our culture one question, it would be this: Why are you so afraid of including Christian views and teaching in the discussion of ideas?
  • I got into this conversation again Mother’s Day afternoon (agreeably), but it continues to baffle me.
  • What’s the threat to allowing Christians a voice in culture? Is it REALLY ruining people?
  • The media love to cover hateful Christians, but it really will have to square one day the desire to eliminate Christianity over a couple teachings and all the good the non-hate-spewing Christianity adds to culture.

Mother’s Day

  • I love a day set aside to honor moms. No trouble there, moms are awesome. Grandmas are even awesom-er. (HA!)
  • I definitely feel like it’s harder for people when they’ve lost their mom, or they didn’t know them mom well.
  • But, for those in that situation, I’d offer this: celebrations and honoring moms is not meant to offend. Even if you’re discouraged on Mother’s Day, you can help soothe some of that discouragement by encouraging mothers around you.
  • Ecclesiastes 3 talks about seasons of life. Knowing and being realistic about the the various seasons God calls us to allows us to be as effective as possible in life, especially in the difficult seasons.

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