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Tuesday Rambling 5.10.16 – Our Son’s Baptism


When your child gets baptized. Time to ramble:

  • Baptizing three children made for an encouraging day.
  • Only joy at the courage and faith of 8-9 year old kids proclaiming their faith.
  • David has dropped hints about baptism, finally telling us he wanted to do it.
  • One of the main things we (as parents and as a church) look for in deciding about children and baptism is this: Do THEY want to do it to show their obedience to Jesus? We want to be sure no outside influence steers their decision.
  • David made that easy: he does what he wants to do. So, it made it easy to discern his motive.
  • We view the development of faith as a process. Baptism, Scripturally, bears no connection to maturity. If someone can articulate faith, baptism should follow.
  • Yes, it’s special to baptize your own kids. I’m not just trying to stay politically correct, but baptizing anyone makes for great encouragement and memories.
  • Prayer – for continued growth and development, as baptism marks not the end but the beginning of faith journey!
  • Praise – for a local church that celebrates faith proclaimed at baptism!


  1. Dan Page says:

    We rejoice with David, you, your family, the others who were baptized & their families & the church 🙂 … sooooooo good!

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