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Tuesday Rambling 4.8.14 – Trauma, Jeter’s Statistics, Shifting Culture

What a weird combination of topics, eh? Must be time for Tuesday rambling!


  • This weekend will be a weekend where many in our community and church community will gather to intentionally process traumatic events in our lives.
  • When things are drastically and even tragically broken, it does not mean that God is absent or punishing us.
  • Seeing people affected by difficult things is very close to my heart and really strikes at some of the deepest levels of compassion I have.
  • Sometimes traumatic events are frustrating because you know broken people made terrible decisions to cause the events. Lots to process . . .

Jeter’s Statistics

  • It is no big secret that I’m a big fan of Derek Jeter.
  • He now has the 8th highest total of hits in Major League History, yet some still think he’s over-rated. I agree he’s not the greatest short-stop ever, but he doesn’t have that many hits just because he’s been on good teams (yes that helps).
  • He has that many hits because he’s a very good hitter and has been so for a very long time.
  • It’s hard to imagine how you could not consider someone great who is in such an “all-time” category. There aren’t many examples from other sports where top scorers or stat-makers in key categories are considered average. Weird.

Shifting Culture

  • It’s amazing to me that issues of sexuality are so twisted in our culture. Might blog about this more, but I read an article Monday about people defining gender NOT based on biology. What?
  • Then, another firing (or did he resign?) of a prominent business person for holding to a view of traditional marriage? If this is getting people fired, we all better wake up and start using our voices!
  • This culture needs to learn how to respectfully disagree and stop the bullying labels.  Youch!

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