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Tuesday Rambling 4.5.16 – Baseball, Kids, and Making Memories


Kids. Memories. For my son and me, that means some baseball. For you? Time to ramble:

  • So David and I were able to squeeze a two day trip to Spring Training out of the budget.
  • He didn’t find out until the day before. He knew there was a surprise, but he thought we were going to the Golden Corral or something. Seriously.
  • I enjoyed this trip more for him than I did for myself (a lifelong Yankees fan).
  • For those who must know, I grew up liking Don Mattingly, the Yankees’ dominant first basemen of the middle 1980’s. He was my favorite layer and the Yankees became my favorite team.
  • This is the type of trip we won’t get to make very often. But I knew it would be one where memories were made.
  • I will never forget the time with him. I love the questions he asks and the way he talks with me when the girls aren’t around.
  • As a parent, what will it take to create memories? For our kids and for me as a dad short outings, fun times, the “on a whim” trip through the drive through, or making a movie will often foot the bill. What works in your world?
  • I will always remember the random conversations we have. I enjoy watching our kids trying to process the world in which they’re growing up. I’m glad I get to help guide that.
  • Seriously, David has his choice of baseball teams. I’m not one of those dads. I think he’s a fan of the Seahawks.
  • So…we take the task of raising, guiding, discipling out children. And, making memories is part of that task. Let’s think and allow opportunities for our kids (and grandkids) to look back and know how much we love them!

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