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Tuesday Rambling 4.29.14 – Donald Sterling, Morality, and Something Funny!!

Time to ramble. It’s Tuesday so let me throw a few thoughts out there:

Donald Sterling

  • If you don’t know who that is, you might be living in a cave.
  • Just in case, he is an NBA owner who made some overtly racist remarks.
  • He has now been banned for life from all NBA activities and the league will try to force him to sell his team.


  • Our world doesn’t care much about certain areas of morality, or what it perceives to be moral.
  • Apparently, racism is really taboo and caused a huge pushback from fans, players, and culture.
  • Racism is something that won’t be tolerated in the NBA, but surely the NBA players call each other the “N” word just as they do in the NFL? I just don’t like the double standard, that’s all.
  • If they’re looking to get rid of racist overtones (which they absolutely should), then why not be consistent?

Something Funny!

  • So, a baseball player who left the Yankees this past winter makes his return to Yankee Stadium tonight (with his new team, of course).
  • See what Jimmy Fallon did to fans who wanted to boo him. Hilarious!
  • Aren’t we fickle?

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