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Tuesday Rambling 4.26.16 – Reflections at 40


Today I turn the big 4-0. Time to ramble:

  • No question I’m a different person than when I turned 30.
  • We added David to our family within weeks of my 30th birthday.
  • We added Jocelyn over four years later and adopted her over six years later.
  • No doubt I have a deeper relationship with God.
  • I have greater freedom from sin than I did ten years ago. I praise God for His work in drawing my heart more toward Him.
  • I have learned to relate to God through better understanding of His Word and trusting His plans.
  • I left the country five times in my 30’s, four for missions trips (once with Julie) and one for a never-forget-it family trip to visit my brother’s family  in Australia. These experiences shaped me in powerful ways.
  • Social media really changed the world during my 30’s. I’ll always remember that.
  • My 30’s brought a lot of pain. I lost my dad less than eight months after hitting 30. Countless tragedies and deaths have marred this decade and jolted my faith at times. Many deaths outside the normal life cycle have deepened my view of and my faith in Christ.
  • It has been a decade of personal growth, as I’ve been fortunate to complete work for a Bible Certificate program and a Master of Divinity degree.
  • God called and has led me through a transition from ten years of youth ministry to now almost six full years as senior pastor. I’d like to think the six years in the senior pastor role have brought additional wisdom.
  • I praise God the decade brought no serious personal health issues.
  • Statistically, I am about half way through my life. I’m anxious to see how God will use me in the coming years. I can only hope for greater

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