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Tuesday Rambling 4.22.14 – Please Pray, Whining, and Special Needs Individuals

It’s Tuesday. Time for the weekly hodge podge of rambling.

Please pray

  • Please pray for a family I’m connected to in the Akron area. A husband and wife’s first child is having serious health issues after being born Sunday.
  • Please, if you have room on your prayer lists, pray for Kenmore neighborhood in Akron, OH. Many people are praying diligently that God will be active and bring peace to our neighborhood.
  • I’m full of ideas to help bring peace but I’m not moving anywhere without spending significant time in prayer.


  • So baseball began extended instant replay in games this year. You’d think people would be happy that more calls are getting called correctly.
  • But it seems like some people think the whole system is a waste. Perhaps the loudest voices are the ones whose teams have gotten shafted on some bad calls (understandable).
  • But, shouldn’t everyone be happy more calls are correct than not? Sheesh! Enough with the whining!

Special Needs

  • Over the weekend in the Akron area a young woman with special needs was missing for several days. Praise God she was found.
  • This sort of incident makes me pray hard for people who deal with difficult realities in the lives of adult friends and family members.
  • This sort of incident also helps us think through how we will care for our own daughter with special needs.
  • With special needs stunting certain aspects of development, predictability you might have with normally developing children can be thrown out the window. Those are facts and it’s helpful to know.
  • And the greatest of these is “love” – which is sooooo needed in situations like these. Wow.

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