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Tuesday Rambling 4.21.15 – I’m Troubled


I’m troubled. Time to ramble.

  • I really wish one week would go by without someone dying and police either having direct involvement or looking suspicious.
  • Of course, I’d like a lot longer than one week, but I’d settle for that to start.
  • I am sure the media attention is bringing to light a lot of situations that may normally stay off the radar.
  • But, it makes me wonder why officers would use excessive force on anyone knowing that cameras are rolling.
  • And, it really makes it difficult for all the officers who do their jobs with respect and dignity according to the oaths they took to protect and serve.
  • I am troubled knowing that terrorists are video taping executions of Christians and others opposed to them.
  • I cannot imagine the daily reality for those under the influence and in captivity to these terrorists.
  • Really, I can’t. I get upset sometimes when someone cuts me off in traffic.
  • The daily realities I experience make it feel like these stories happen on a different planet.
  • It seems beyond comprehension and I search for actions steps.
  • I have one primary action step.
  • Prayer. Yes, it is worth praying for people genuinely stirring due to injustice.
  • It is worth praying for those suffering violence and persecution.
  • I can’t travel to the Middle East or to communities affected by deteriorating relationships with law enforcement, but my prayers can.

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