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Tuesday Rambling 4.19.16 – The Overwhelming Internet


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information the internet makes available? Time to ramble:

  • Just in the past week three tragic events: earthquake in Japan, earthquake in Ecuador, massive flooding in Houston.
  • I feel at times like I don’t have the emotional energy to keep up with my own family.
  • How, then, am I to respond to all the news I see on my newsfeeds?
  • Well, honestly, I can’t. You can’t. Does it feel better to say this?
  • Again: it is humanly impossible for us to keep up with everything going on in the world.
  • Add to the tragedy all the notable deaths, crimes, and atmosphere of fear and unknown created by all this reporting, it feels like we don’t stand a chance!
  • If anything, our access to information should increase our prayer life.
  • A great asset of the internet is the increased ability to send financial support quickly.
  • A time might come when God calls us to go. We should never stop seeking His leading.
  • We can send money. We can pray.
  • We should empathize. I have no intention to say we shouldn’t care.
  • But at some point, we need to release the difficulty into God’s hands and influence what we can.

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