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Tuesday Rambling 4.15.14 – Spiritual Conviction, Tax Day, Random Parenting Questions

Ramble, ramble, ramble, ramble, . . . . Tuesday it is!

Spiritual Conviction

  • I was deeply convicted over the last weekend of events in our community.
  • God did very real things that not many of us (if any) would have anticipated.
  • My strongest conviction is regarding prayer. Doubt my prayer life will ever be the same as it was before this past weekend.

Tax Day

  • Does anyone wait to file their taxes until the last day?
  • We usually file early; refund money awaits.
  • I read a proposal that I liked. Everyone files in full on April 15, elections April 16. Sound good?

Random Parenting Questions

  • How often do your kids tell you “no” and get their way?
  • Is it easier to show grace than punishment?
  • How much frustration with your kids comes from them getting in thew way of what you wanted to do?


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