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Tuesday Rambling 4.12.16 – God IS…

God Is

How would you answer? Well, maybe some rambling thoughts will challenge your thinking:

  • Friday night at the Breakout Youth Conference in the Akron area the topic was “God is”.
  • Our church’s youth director, Josh Miller, brought the message out of Genesis 1 focusing on many of God’s qualities. It excites me to see God-given speaking¬†talent in a young(er) guy.
  • This isn’t Josh Miller is, this is God is.
  • So who is God? How long would you be able to hold a conversation about who you thought God to be and why you thought that way about His being?
  • What Scriptures would work their way into your conversation?
  • Would you know the difference between attributes belonging solely to God (incommunicable) and those also seen or experienced in humans (communicable)?
  • See this article for a great summary and further thinking.
  • In your view, is God manageable? If so, that can cause problems.
  • As you think about who God is, do you feel smaller? Does all this thinking drive you to worship as a proper response? If so, your soul is aligning with God.
  • No application, no step by step process to follow.
  • Just a challenge to think. Dwell. Meditate. About who God is.
  • So if I asked you: who is God? What would you say?

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