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Tuesday Rambling 4.11.17 – 10 Ramblings About The Cross

Rambling about the cross during Holy Week:

  • Yes, the cross portrays brutality. Hard to get around that. So why would God do that?
  • The brutality of the cross speaks to the weight and seriousness of human sin.
  • If it took the cross to make atonement with God for the sin of mankind, that should tell us about the terror and dread of our sin.
  • In the midst of such dread, the cross tells us a story of hope.
  • The cross says God cares about humans, even those who have offended him by their sin.
  • The cross shows the love of God, his love for us which allowed His Son (HIS SON!) to suffer in our place.
  • Further, God allowed Jesus to suffer knowing some would reject the offer.
  • Jesus’ opposition thought the cross won their victory.
  • Instead, the cross won the victory for all who believe: victory over sin, then eventually leading to the resurrection which brings victory over death!
  • Romans 5:8: but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

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