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Tuesday Rambling 4.1.14 – April Fool’s, When Prayer Is Lacking, Believers Supporting Each Other

It’s April 1. The weather is no joke – beautiful day in NE Ohio. Time for some rambling. Here goes…

April Fool’s

  • Do you make it a point to play a joke on April Fool’s day?
  • I haven’t been incredibly successful in my past, but I’ve had a couple good ones.
  • When it comes to playing jokes, I tend to be too harsh (or so they say!). So, I’m just dialing it back.
  • My most effective was convincing a friend I had a broken ankle. About seven years later, he still remembers!


  • I have been less that where I want to be in my praying recently. Maybe I would always tell you that.
  • I’m not talking about just simply feeling guilty, or that because I’m not in prayer as much as I like God is working against me.  What I’m referring to is just missing a connection that I have to have. Prayer for me connects me to God — mostly that means that it connects me where I am under His authority.
  • Prayer is so amazing – we can talk to God who created us through Jesus who has done amazing things for us!
  • But, an effective way to get out of a prayer rut is…duhh…prayer! Praying when you don’t feel like it and asking others too.

Supporting Other Believers

  • Believers should be willing to support others.  Most people would agree with that. Even non-believers do a great job of supporting people.
  • But, how about allowing people into our lives to get support? It’s often difficult. It means we have to show weakness.
  • I was really encouraged over the weekend when someone I know simply asked for support in a very difficult situation. It was refreshing – no faking, no worry about what someone else would think, just boldly asking for prayer.


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