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Tuesday Rambling 3.31.15 – Rambling About the Government and Religious Freedom


Don’t we all get irritated about the government? In some way shape or form it’s almost impossible not to see the faults of our leaders in various ways and at various times. Today, at your choice, endure some of my rambling about our government.

  • I saw this yesterday: it seems like some in government are more interested in leveling sanctions against Indiana than Iran.
  • I truly believe our federal government will make specific attempts to limit religious freedom.
  • I would not be surprised if there is a LOT of activity on this front in the next 3-5 years.
  • I am convinced that those trying to limit religious freedom have no idea of the consequences of their actions.
  • Many influential people (read any article about the furor in Indiana) are acting out of total misinformation.
  • Indiana has passed a law that mirrors a federal law passed by Bill Clinton in 1993 and everyone is screaming that Indiana is discriminatory toward gays.
  • It seems that one’s view of marriage may become a litmus test for how much “religious freedom” the government (or culture) will permit.
  • It is TOTALLY POSSIBLE for a Christian to have a respectful attitude toward gays. I wish the media would tell these stories. I believe they represent that majority experience between Christians and gays in our culture.
  • You read that right. Acts of disrespect and hatred toward gays and the “fears of discrimination” espoused by those seeking to limit religious freedom do happen, but I believe they are the MINORITY experience of the way gays interact with Christians.
  • It is staggering to think that basic freedom to hold a traditional view of marriage is in serious danger.
  • To respond? I am truly in prayer for revival.
  • God has used many events historically to provoke revival. It is NOT beyond Him to act in specific and powerful ways in the face of this tide of opposition.

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