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Tuesday Rambling 3.25.14 – Worship, Vision, Offerings

It’s Tuesday. Time for a little rambling. Here we go.


  • Sunday at our church we focused an entire service on the concept of worship.
  • Worship happens in the church in ways that it can’t by ourselves.
  • Worship should also carry on outside the church in ways that it can’t inside.


  • I mentioned to someone today in thinking about ministry life. Usually a vision is cast, God starts doing something, THEN money follows.
  • When you try to get a bunch of money BEFORE you do something, it doesn’t work as well.
  • I heard a saying that may clarify this: “Money follows ministry”. In my experience in a lot of different ventures, that is true.


  • I’m sure I’ll be fleshing this out soon, maybe tomorrow, but for now I have a thought about offerings.
  • When I pay money to go to a Christian concert, why is there a need to ask for more in an offering?
  • My thoughts on this are running deep, and I’m challenged by the intention behind the ask.


  • Tuesday really is one of my favorite days in the week. I’m glad it’s Tuesday. Lots of things happen in my normal Tuesday, so I usually feel fulfilled at the end of Tuesday.
  • Have a great one yourself!

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