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Tuesday Rambling 3.21.17 – Heroin and Our Neighborhood

Usually the topic itself would require a bit deeper or more lengthy post. I’ll assume familiarity with the topic.

  • I thought I’d ramble in response to the Akron Beacon Journal article in Sunday’s paper.
  • I’ve heard several different reactions to the article, ranging from anger to understanding.
  • Ranging responses should be expected, but I’d at least say we should wrestle with the facts.
  • Data show poorer neighborhoods have more overdoses. What does that mean?
  • It doesn’t mean heroin has no impact in the suburbs; indeed it does.
  • Nor does it mean the neighborhood should wallow unto death. Many pursue the greater good here in civic, educational, and spiritual arenas.
  • It does mean those who count overdoses can show that more of them happen in neighborhoods where incomes remain lower.
  • I hate to admit that. I love my community and don’t see our family leaving anytime soon.
  • So, I take it as a challenge. How can I strive to help improve life in the neighborhood where I live?
  • I can find out more about ways every day citizens can respond.
  • I can continue to aid those working with recovering addicts or grieving family members.
  • I can pray for the movement of the Holy Spirit, drawing people to fulfillment in Christ rather than drugs.
  • What other thoughts would you add?

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