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Tuesday Rambling 3.18.14 – St. Patrick’s Risk, The Missing Plane, Living on the Edge

Ready. Set. Ramble!

St. Patrick

  • I read this article about St. Patrick yesterday. (I know Monday is links day, give me some space!)
  • I really didn’t know much so it was helpful. It’s from a trusted source, so I’ll use that as my confidence of accuracy.
  • I was really challenged by the risk.  I hope I’m someone who is remembered for taking gospel risks. Really, we should do things at times that just don’t make sense to others.

The Missing Plane

  • I’m not opposed to theorizing about what happened to this plane.
  • We should, however be sensitive. There are real human beings and their loved ones involved — even if we don’t know them.
  • It’s amazing to me that we know so much about people, places, locations, etc in our culture through the use of satellite technology and GPS devices.  But, somehow, a plane is totally lost!

Living on the Edge

  • No – not just an Aerosmith song.
  • This refers back to the original point, but it’s worth meditating.
  • Is there any way that we invite intentional discomfort into our lives in serving God?
  • Are we truly willing to live on the edge, even of life or death, if that’s what God called us to do?
  • Can you tell I’m really challenged? I’ll leave on this thought today.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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