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Tuesday Rambling 3.17.15 – Processing Change


Change. I heard the mayor of Akron once say that some people resist change so much he wondered if they change their underwear. Change – a great topic. Time to ramble.

  • For believers, change can present challenges.
  • But, change should be at the core of the Christian faith.
  • Why? New believers should always add change to the equation in churches and groups.
  • I told our congregation Sunday that sharing our faith is risky; it guarantees constant change.
  • Many organizations exist to ensure stability.
  • The stability of a local church is a worthy goal – but not “stability” in the sense that things should never change.
  • Think opposite: change should be constant in churches as people grow, seasons change, and new believers add to the mix.
  • Colossians 3 commands believers to “put to death” sin. Doesn’t that guarantee constant change in believers?
  • When we grow closer to Christ, that guarantees constant change.
  • We should have an understanding of life and God that involves regular change over seasons of life.
  • Personally, I struggle with change sometimes.
  • Change should be calculated. Leading people through change can be done well or can constantly jolt people in and out of structures and patterns unnecessarily.
  • Think about change yourself. Do you have a well developed understanding and approach to it in your life?

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