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Tuesday Rambling 3.15.16 – Praying For An Hour


This week First Glance hosts “prayer week”, a concerted effort in our neighborhood to gather individuals to pray in a specific location for as many hours a day as possible. Many will pray this week for an hour at a time. What good can come of that?

  • An hour of committed prayer focuses the mind. Seriously, how often do we think about anything for an hour?
  • Spiritual depth can come about. If I say “how often do we think about anything for an hour?” well then the question follows: how often do we think about God for an hour?
  • Praying for an hour makes me stop and think about salvation. I begin to think about people in my life who need Jesus. Slowing down brings me face to face with this reality.
  • Prayer, of course, puts God at the center. Putting God first and foremost for an entire hour really does  re-orient your thinking.
  • A prayer week can unify. I don’t know how many people plan to participate this week. Just seeing names on a schedule brings a sense that I am unified with other believers.
  • Spending an hour in prayer really can focus your thought on what God is doing locally. To think about Kenmore, its needs, and its people, reminds me of my call, my passion, my work.
  • Wanna participate? Follow this link. Questions? Shoot me an email and I’ll be glad to help.


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