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Tuesday Rambling 3.11.14 – Weather, God Moving Slowly

Tuesday. If you don’t like rambling, you’re not in the right place. Here goes:

I put both weather and God moving slowly in the title. I did NOT intend for these to be related.


  • I am sure a lot of people are complaining about tomorrow’s big storm. But, it was near 60 today!
  • I ran in shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt today, six miles total. I was feeling good until I ran by Summit Lake.
  • No sleeves and a brisk wind coming across a frozen lake. How weird is that: running sleeveless in near 60 degree weather by a frozen lake!

God Moving Slowly

  • I think this is God’s main pattern of changing you and me.
  • Are there bursts of activity and radical change at times? Yes. I can’t deny that as a serious Bible student.
  • But, there are so many great stories of people anchoring themselves down, digging in for the long haul, committing to God and each other, and experiencing wonderful things over the long haul.
  • So, if you’re struggling or if you’re considering putting your faith in Jesus, know that He can change your heart in an instant but lasting change may take a while. And that’s no sign of trouble with you.


  • Looks like the Browns made some good signings today. Exciting. So exciting it made me think of how overjoyed we all were when they signed LeCharles Bentley.

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