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Tuesday Rambling 3.1.16 – Medicine vs. Prayer


Welcome Tuesday! Do you feel “super”? Here at TDA, let the rambling begin.

  • One of my friends and mentors, Pastor Bob Combs, had a heart attack over the weekend.
  • Many showed high levels of concern.
  • Thankfully, the prognosis looks good.
  • But do you ever wonder exactly how to pray?
  • I know God has provided medicine and gifted doctors.
  • I always praise God with patients in the hospital that this level of care is available to us in the U.S.
  • The inner conflict? God transcends medicine. He sovereignly controls all!
  • I know prayers have led to different results than medicine expected.
  • So as we pray for those in the hospital, the words of “The Lord’s Prayer” ring out: Thy will be done.
  • Praying for God’s will reminds us that his plans may accomplish way more (or dare I say less) than we as humans may achieve.
  • Can God do the miraculous? Yes, I trust that and regularly ask for that. But I’ve also sat with those for whom the miracle never came.
  • God, Thy will be done.
  • Another angle: when I am commonly sick (cold, cough, etc.) why do I pop a pill before I pray?
  • I can’t come up with a good reason why I wouldn’t pray about everything, small illnesses included.

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