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Tuesday Rambling 2.9.16 – Are You Faithful?


Good Tuesday morning! Are you faithful? Time to ramble:

  • God is faithful.
  • Faithfulness makes the list of the fruit of the Spirit.
  • We don’t add faithfulness by trying harder.
  • We add faithfulness by trusting, asking God to add it to us.
  • We add faithfulness by studying God’s perfect faithfulness.
  • Faithfulness won’t be lived out in our marriage, our families, or our relationships until we develop faithfulness to God.
  • How does faithfulness play out?
  • Some thoughts on how to develop it: identify priorities, seek improvement one at a time.
  • Do you keep your word? Do you show up where you say you will?
  • God’s faithfulness often is tied to His love. Is love our motivation in relationships?
  • Like love, faithfulness develops when we move past offenses, differences in opinion, personality flaws, and the immaturity of others.
  • When we consider how God has shown His faithfulness to us, it can positively color how we approach staying faithful in our lives.

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