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Tuesday Rambling 2.3.15 – Looking Forward to February


Do you get down in winter? Sometimes winter can bring us down and even though February obviously has the fewest days of any month, it can give us a lot of difficulty.

So for today’s weekly rambling post, reasons I’m looking forward to February.

  • Just 25 more days until March. March just sounds warmer than February.
  • My favorite band’s new album comes out the last week of February.
  • We are starting a Sunday morning series at our church that will focus on the purpose of our church. I’m really excited to lead people through this.
  • I do like a good snowfall. I’m hoping for a good 8-10″ blast (with no rain at the tail end to melt it all away and make a big sheet of ice).
  • Valentine’s Day. It may be a bit cliche, but Valentine’s Day is usually a good day for us to focus on marriage, bless our kids, and enjoy some good food!
  • Concerts. I love music and music inspires me. I love live music. I’m excited to go to a couple concerts scheduled this month. One will give our family a chance to go together.
  • Sickness. We came through some serious sickness at the end of January, so our odds are good that we won’t have anything serious in February. Right?
  • Training. I haven’t been in this good of shape on February 1st in a long time. See my New Year’s post about qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2015.

Why are you looking forward to February?

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