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Tuesday Rambling 2.28.17 – I Wonder…

Another Tuesday means more rambling:

I wonder…

  • …what would happen if believers honestly and openly shared their struggles in healthy ways.
  • …why God created spiders and snakes at all.
  • …what eternity with Jesus will really be like.
  • …what would happen if no one gossiped anymore.
  • …what things I really worship instead of just enjoying them.
  • …why Thin Mints are so good.
  • …how much stronger churches would be if all believers really took sin seriously.
  • …if the Indians can take the final step this year and end baseball title suffering in Northeast Ohio.
  • …how God will shape me and use me in the next five years.
  • …what opportunities God might give me today to serve Him or share my faith.
  • …what would happen if we ever stopped wondering.


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