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Tuesday Rambling 2.18.14 – Weather, Communion, Derek Jeter, Random

Roll a bunch of random thoughts into one post and this is what you get. I call it “Tuesday Rambling.”

The Weather

  • Everyone’s favorite topic, right? Looks like it’s going to get warm for a minute, then cold again.
  • I do realize snow days are inconvenient, especially for employed people with not much flexibility.
  • I don’t want to complain about people complaining, but complaining that the kids are home (again) doesn’t really accomplish much. My encouragement: Look at it as an opportunity!


  • I am excited to be teaching about communion coming up at church this Sunday and next.
  • The most challenging thing I heard recently about communion: “It’s not who you would invite to your table, but who Jesus has invited to His.”

Derek Jeter

  • When Derek Jeter retires after this year, I will no longer look every day to see how one player did. Maybe I’ll replace him by following someone else. (Admittedly, last year was pretty boring as he didn’t play much.)
  • For over 30 years of being a baseball fan, I have looked in the paper/internet box score to see how one player performed. Don Mattingly and Derek Jeter are the two players I’ve followed.
  • It’s only a matter of where/when I go to see him play this year. One more time. I really do hope he stays healthy.


  • As a rule, I prefer cereal with flakes.
  • I saw this funny tidbit on a friend’s Facebook page: “The Lego movie has been compared to Toy Story…don’t believe it…it just doesn’t stack up.”
  • My kids really want me to watch the “commercials” they’ve made today. I love the creativity that happens when they’re not allowed to watch T.V.
  • With that . . . time to go watch some “commercials”!!

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