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Tuesday Rambling 2.17.15 – When You’re Sick All Day


So today has been one of THOSE days. No, I’m not going into the details. But the day has consisted mostly of moping around and occasionally making it off the couch.

What better to wind down a day like this than to ramble?

  • Sickness reminds us we’re mortal.
  • I praised God for the timing of this sickness. Later in the week would have been terrible as opposed to now.
  • Sickness reminds me of my wedding vows (whether I’m sick or Julie is sick).
  • Sickness can teach us compassion.
  • I missed important things today due to the sickness. Only God knows why.
  • Sickness can help us enjoy good health and not take things for granted.

Now back to dragging around and hoping for a lot of recovery overnight. Any other benefits you can think of?

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