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Tuesday Rambling 2.11.14 – Marriage, the Olympics, Counseling

Blah blah blah. Ramble ramble ramble.


  • We are having a marriage seminar Sunday at our church. It’s been making me think.
  • I think the top reasons we have a successful marriage are Jesus, forgiveness, and communication.
  • Common interests are a big help for marriage as well.

The Olympics

  • The stories of the Olympics are fascinating to me. These athletes train in ways the average person or even average athlete cannot comprehend.
  • The gold medals won by these Olympians will one day be sold at auction or passed on to a family member. The medals themselves will mean NOTHING for eternity.

Counseling Questions

  • Is there someone bigger than you (such as God) in charge of events?
  • What solutions to your problems will you trust? Where will those solutions come from?
  • What is the role of the counselor in helping someone work through their issues?


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