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Tuesday Rambling 2.10.15 – How to Quench the Spirit


Don’t quench the Spirit. I Thessalonians 5:19 would be your proof text from Scripture, but the sentiment runs throughout Christians. We don’t want to do things that quench the Spirit of God.

For today’s rambling, some thoughts about how to do that:

  • Quit praying.
  • Pre-determine in your mind how everything is going to turn out.
  • File people into categories based on where they are, not where they might turn out.
  • Judge others and nitpick everything they do.
  • Read more blogs and books than your Bible.
  • Refuse to confront, address, and overcome sin.
  • Undermine your church leadership.
  • Never do anything that requires faith.
  • Withdraw from meaningful Christian community.
  • Be sure to pray only for physical needs.
  • All of these require an exposure to God’s power and leading. When we block that out, we block God out.
  • Then, when we block God out, we have successfully quenched the Spirit.
  • Let’s not do that!

What else would you add to the list?

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