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Tuesday Rambling 12.9.14 – Proving God Exists, College Football


I’m in the territory of a topic that should be a bit deeper than rambling, so I’ll do my best to keep it true to form and not go too deep. Ready?

Proving God Exists

  • For my medieval theology class I’ve had to study Aquinas’ five proofs of God’s existence. You can read about them here.
  • I’m convinced that every person needs to be this thorough at some point in their thinking.
  • Deep things of God sometimes can’t be covered by a nice looking saying on your Facebook wall.
  • These proofs reveal much about human life and existence. Things are constantly changing, developing, moving.
  • The basic proof God exists? If we trace everything we experience back and back and back all the way to the beginning of time, is there something that is fixed?
  • Or, has everything always been changing?
  • For me, these dilemmas can ONLY point to God. Aquinas is a huge help in thinking this through.
  • Even if you believe the Big Bang, you can’t explain the origin point of the particles that exploded to create our universe.

College Football

  • I don’t think they would have envisioned a mess quite like this one in the first year of the playoff.
  • The best thing about it to me (besides Ohio State making the playoff) is that there are real human beings who had a process and rationale and can stand by their decision.
  • In the past we’ve been subject to private coaches’  votes (like they can see every team play), computer rankings, blah, blah, blah.
  • I think extending the field to six is the best solution. We don’t need an eight team playoff.
  • When it comes to controversy, I think that’s really what you want. Six would have solved a year like this year, but would still have left debate open. I love how such a limited field really does enhance the regular season.
  • Anyone clamoring to have the BCS back?
  • Even if Ohio State wouldn’t have made it, I’d have much preferred this model.


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