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Tuesday Rambling 12.8.15 – Jesus Came To Earth, But . . .


I’ve been thinking a lot about theology and prophecy due to recent classwork. Challenge your own thinking:

  • Jesus, the Word of God (John 1), came to earth. God took on human flesh.
  • Many prophecies predicted Jesus’ birth and first arrival.
  • When he arrived the first time, those who knew the Word of God best missed it.
  • Think about that. Those who knew the Old Testament, knew the prophecies, rejected the Messiah when He did arrive.
  • I say all this with one hope that you recognize how Jesus really does fulfill prophecy. I hope your confidence in Jesus and love for Him increases knowing He came to earth as the prophets described it centuries before.
  • I say this with another hope that you embrace the great and wonderful promises that Jesus WILL again return to this earth.
  • If God accurately foretold Jesus’ arrival, why would we downplay prophecy about how Jesus will return?
  • Further, do we know the prophecies? Do we know Jesus’ teachings about His return? If we do, will we find ourselves in the camp that misses his return the second time like those who missed it the first time?
  • This advent, as we tap into the sense of waiting of the generations before Jesus’ birth, let us similarly fill our hearts and minds with truth that we await Jesus’ final return.
  • Jesus came to earth, but do we have confidence, full hope, and growing expectation that He will return again?

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