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Tuesday Rambling 12.6.16 – Walter Scott, Ohio State, the Idol of Sports


Rambling! Tuesday style, of course…

Walter Scott

  • So the officer who shot Walter Scott (while he ran from him) had his trial end yesterday in mistrial.
  • How frustrating. The jury was hopelessly deadlocked 11-1 last I heard.
  • I care a lot about justice, and this just seems wrong.
  • Sounds like a re-trial should lie in the future.
  • Officials urge calm responses. I’m not one for anarchy, but I certainly understand those who publicly wish to vent what seems an obvious miscarriage of justice.

Ohio State

  • Let the criticism begin. Wow. Did Ohio State somehow NOT deserve to get into the playoff?
  • Seems the committee drew a line at one loss teams and two loss teams. Good!
  • Conference champion or no, two losses are greater than one!
  • And yes conference champion matters. Look at Washington.
  • And yes strength of schedule matters. Look at Ohio State.
  • Neither would have made the playoff without those respective features on their resume.

The Idol of Sports

  • I have engaged in multiple conversations about the Playoff outcome (pre and post).
  • I will invest most of a day watching college football on December 31.
  • Do I converse as much about my desire to see God’s kingdom expand?
  • Am I as intentional in pursuing holiness and righteousness?
  • We should all answer these questions. If the balance tips the wrong way, repent and give your heart back to God!
  • The idol of sports can be destroyed by limiting involvement to events rather than speculation. Seriously, consider how much you invest in speculation (TV and radio shows, articles, etc.) and then ask yourself if you have more time to invest in your personal relationship with God and making disciples.
  • Pursuing God is a choice. Whatever impedes that grabs the affections of your heart as a false idol.
  • Exodus 20:5:¬†You shall not bow down to them or serve them, for I the LORD your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and the fourth generation of those who hate me,

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