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Tuesday Rambling 12.5.17 – Christmas and Grief

A common topic. Time to ramble:

  • The Holidays often bring reminders of grief.
  • Cherished memories clash with present realities of loved ones’ absence.
  • Added for me is the reality of personal loss and friends’ personal loss, all in December. It makes for a hard month.
  • So what? Has God brought some cruel joke upon us all?
  • Did He design holidays to make us more miserable as we age, inevitably knowing how difficult it will be to navigate the empty seat at the table or in the living room?
  • God’s people celebrated holidays. He commanded them to do so. Why? To make them miserable as everything changed?
  • No. Simply no. The goal involved reminding them that even though everything else changed around them, He didn’t.
  • Also, as time passes as well as loved ones, shouldn’t the repeated cycle of memories and the often accompanying bitter pain point us to heaven?
  • Heaven? When it feels like hell? Yes.
  • Do we not trust the realities of the future, promised to us by Jesus Himself?
  • Can the promise of heaven (especially reuniting with believing loved ones) NOT sooth our pain and deepen our trust in Jesus as we walk forward in this life?
  • I’ll close with Romans 8: 18For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.

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