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Tuesday Rambling 12.22.15 – Benefits of Social Media

social media

I’m sure you know of the many downfalls of social media. Today, let me focus on some of the benefits. Yes, social media has its benefits.

  • Connection to people, especially those at a distance.
  • At our 20 year reunion this summer, our class had more meaningful conversations about our lives because of social media.
  • Some use social media to encourage.
  • Social media encouragement can include sharing meaningful quotes or personal greetings.
  • If you’re willing to manage your feed (translated “get the right people into your feed and the wrong people out”) social media can be great source of information.
  • Quotes, articles, challenges, recipes, and ideas can all be freely exchanged.
  • What about humor? When a news item screams to be mocked, social media can help us laugh.
  • Sorry for Steve Harvey, but he took a bath yesterday and many of the jabs were really funny.
  • Why wait for the nightly monologue when you can see funny memes?
  • Social media and spiritual growth: Did I say that?
  • The same medium cursed as addictive and leading us away from God can be used for our growth?
  • If used properly, absolutely. Sermons, podcasts, and articles all provide fodder for growing closer to Christ.
  • I make a feeble effort at providing spiritual encouragement, using social media as pretty much the only promo for my blog. I repeatedly have people tell me they find encouragement in what little I share.
  • Of course social media proves effective for spiritual growth. How much more so for well organized ministries and churches!
  • Any other benefits I’ve forgotten?

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