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Tuesday Rambling 12.20.16 – Christmas Gifts – Receiving and Giving


‘Tis the season for gifts – giving and receiving. Time to ramble.

  • My favorite kinds of gifts involve planning, scheming, plotting, surprise, and research.
  • I posted a status Sunday that has had me thinking: What if no one found out about the gifts you give or get this Christmas except the people who gave or received them?
  • Maybe that sounds boring, but it should at least test our hearts.
  • Do we need attention as a result of a gift? Or could someone’s reaction and enjoyment be enough?
  • Do the gifts we give cause sacrifice?
  • Do we give out of guilt, social suggestion (such as tips for service providers), or getting even? We should check our hearts here. If we receive God’s gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, the gift giver receives glory and we can NEVER repay Him.
  • No matter the age, selfishness can creep into the process of receiving. More excitement to watch others receive gifts than to receive ourselves would indicate the development of maturity.
  • We should consider local, national and global opportunities to bless those in need with various gifts – such selfless giving reflects Christ and helps sharpen our perspective on materialism.

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