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Tuesday Rambling 12.2.14 – Fixing Mistakes, Giving Tuesday

Let the rambling begin:

Fixing Mistakes

  • I watched part of The Today Show’s interviews with Ray Rice and his wife over the past couple morning.
  • They expressed the desire to “get their lives back”.
  • As you think about that statement, ask yourself what it would take to “get your life back” after a public and very violent episode of domestic violence.
  • It’s unreasonable to think that fixing mistakes can happen quickly. It just can’t.
  • Forgiveness? That’s another thing. Forgiveness can happen anytime.
  • Trust, on the other hand, take time to be rebuilt.
  • An episode like that? Someone is lying to them, or they are lying to themselves, if they think the time frame to regain any form of their life pre-incident is less than years.

Giving Tuesday

  • Giving Tuesday is interesting, isn’t it?
  • This is the first year I’ve heard of it (presuming it’s the first Tuesday following Black Friday).
  • Maybe they should have it the Tuesday BEFORE Black Friday so people might actually have some money to give?
  • Also, I hope our attitude about giving isn’t one day a year!
  • But as I said about Thanksgiving day itself, if having a focused day helps increase people’s focus on giving, I’m all for it.

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