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Tuesday Rambling 12.19.17 – Christmas and False Guilt


Do you have guilt about Christmas? Should you?

  • I think false guilt can creep in around Christmas time.
  • People have false guilt regarding buying and receiving gifts.
  • A question: is every gift bought or received a sign of a materialistic heart?
  • If we can’t receive a gift, then God could never save us!
  • If we never buy a gift for someone, we never reflect His love for us!
  • Do some gifts take it too far? Yes. I’m sure we’ve all seen that.
  • It’s tough to set a standard that works for everyone: I’m not the governor of your heart.
  • I hope people enjoy Christmas, seeing gifts as a sign of God’s work in our lives.
  • I hope you look forward to giving more than receiving (the Bible says that).
  • I hope you don’t give into materialistic views of love (if I buy my wife this Lexus then she’ll really love me…sorry honey!).
  • I hope you don’t go into debt for Christmas (the Bible stands against that).
  • I hope Jesus is celebrated above all in your hearts and homes.
  • I hope there is room in your budget for the less fortunate.
  • It’s not too late to ask God for help in discernment.
  • But by all means, enjoy what gifts are given and received, asking for the Spirit’s guidance for when to say “enough”.

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