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Tuesday Rambling 12.16.14 – Am I Wrong?


It’s Tuesday. Let’s tackle a simple question: Am I wrong?

  • Am I wrong? It’s a good question.
  • Maybe you clicked onto this post hoping I would admit being wrong about something.
  • Well of course I’m wrong. The last time I was wrong in a relationship issue was when I got frustrated over the weekend and I shouldn’t have. I lacked good perspective and God revealed that to me.
  • My wife is wrong.
  • My kids have done things wrong.
  • Here’s the point. I have a worldview where Jesus Christ is the center.
  • In order to thrive in life with the worldview that I have, I must admit that I’m wrong – every day.
  • The whole key to understanding life is that I am not right and God is.
  • I need His wisdom because my own is evil.
  • I need His forgiveness because I can’t get it myself.
  • I’m wrong. He’s right.
  • When these things are the foundations of our lives, it’s hard to put energy into being right all the time.
  • Admit your flaws. Show your family and those around you that you are wrong.
  • It helps those around you to have realistic expectations.
  • Spend your time and energy helping those in your life move forward knowing forgiveness, humility, honesty.
  • Whenever a conflict comes up, ask: Am I wrong?
  • Whenever something is going on with a loved one or a child, ask: Is something they’re doing wrong?
  • This isn’t to say that others aren’t wrong — it’s to get the point through that progress is so difficult when being right is always the goal.

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