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Tuesday Rambling 12.12.17 – Christmas and Generosity

A few rambling thoughts about generosity this time of year:

  • Did you click on this wondering if it contained a guilt trip?
  • You know, give a lot at Christmas or maybe you don’t love God as much as you claim?
  • Well, that’s not really my intent.
  • I do wonder how we can connect some meaningful spiritual dots.
  • Could generosity this time of year help display our love for Jesus?
  • Ever wonder why Christmas clicks with so many on the outside of faith?
  • Well…we all like to receive gifts, right?
  • Christmas involves…God giving us a gift. So yes, there’s a natural fit there.
  • So if we pray for the Spirit’s help in displaying generosity, maybe someone will get a boost.
  • Maybe generosity can encourage someone. Maybe it will lift their spirits, or help them feel appreciated.
  • Could you give an extra gift to someone to show them you appreciate them?
  • Could you budget throughout the year to include more generosity?
  • What about strategy?
  • First, consider some extra for your local church and any outreaches.
  • Then, how about a favorite organization? One local and one international?
  • What about the type of giving you’re doing? Does it take creativity? Thoughtfulness?
  • Do “checklist” gifts such as gift cards or cash really help? Could you add something more personal to one of those types of gifts to help?
  • Lastly, I’ve thought of this: The Bible includes the thought that it’s easy to give to those who can give back. Who can you bless that won’t repay? Maybe carrying a little extra cash could create the right opportunity?
  • Enjoy giving this Christmas. Pray that Jesus will be glorified as you do. Pray for opportunities to share Him!

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