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Tuesday Rambling 12.10.13 – Sports Theories and Tough Weeks

Let’s get right to it.  Time to ramble.

My Sports Theories

  • I think the Browns have elite level talent and haven’t been able to put it together to win games.  If they get a QB with some consistency and some leadership (and a few other added pieces), they can easily be a 10 win team next year.
  • Baseball needs a team like the Yankees (Dodgers, other big money teams, etc.). For the Yankees to spend money is healthy for the sport in a lot of ways.  One of the strengths of this type of spending is showing the rest of the sport that just because you spend a lot of money doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to win.
  • There are LOTS of different models in baseball and the “spend a lot of money and hope to win” model is only ONE that works.  Others are equally as efficient.

Faith in Jesus

  • Jesus brought a justice that brings peace to human beings.  Not a justice in human terms and understanding, but one maximally high in human capacity and care.
  • As Jews awaited the messiah, I am glad to celebrate Advent and yearn for the return of Jesus.

Tough Weeks

  • Do you have certain weeks in your life that are just tough? I do. For me, it is the weeks of memorably tough events.  They come and go throughout the year.
  • When I know things are weighing on me, I try to spend extra time in prayer and personal worship.  I also am intentional to try to schedule some extra time with meaningful people in my life.


  • I have really been challenged lately to be content in all circumstances. There are so many people who have less than I do, I feel like an ungrateful brat when I have a desire for something I really don’t need.
  • A good way to challenge contentment is to see how long you could sit by yourself and be content in the Bible and prayer/worship. Maybe “distraction” is another way of stating this, but I think we want to be distracted so much sometimes that we just aren’t satisfied until there’s noise, people, or something to watch.
  • Are we truly able to sit and long for the Lord’s presence in our lives, or does it take something else?

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